First day

It’s difficult to explain in few words this kind of experience, especially if it is the first one, like in my case. There are so many things, troughs, emotions and facts to tell about. The best way, I think, is to start from the beginning.

After a long travel, with a lot of adventures, when sometimes a felt in loneliness, cause of the language and the long distance from home, I’ve arrived in Dusetos. Beautiful place, very quiet and peaceful. A place were the body can enter in contact with nature and the mind can relax and think more clearly. A perfect ambient for creating something special.

It could seem that it is very easy to build a group but actually it is not at all. Here we understand how hard it is. Today I found that with creative way you can build a group very quickly with quality. Because of the great methods that I learn today I learnt a lot of things in such a short time. Finally, with those activities, we can create a real open-mind youth that can contribute to create a more tolerant world , by using games and fun to learn new stuff.

Created by: Alina, Alexandra, Dimitri, Luigi., Kristaps

Second day

Be a leader, not a sheep

Written by Lambrini, Nikolett, Adina, Gabriela and Balazs

After a long night of information exchange a challenging day arose. After waking up on the second day none of us had a regular hangover but the hangover of brilliant ideas. Since the project is facilitated on a lakeshore, we started boarding on a lakeship. Someone asked whether we really need leaders. Since we were on a ship we decided to broaden the subject and brainstorm about leadership.

As one of our trainers has heard about our ideas, he pointed out the right direction to us. We started to collect all the important elements of the efficient leader. We have created three groups based on knowledge, skills and attitude. These three groups together form the necessary key competencies of an efficient leader.


- Knowing your field of work properly

- Self-awareness

- Emotional intelligence

- Highly-persuading

- Self-confident

- Good communicator

- Optimistic and realistic (with balance between the two)

- Adaptive and Flexible

- Visionary person

- Crisis management

- Time management

This whole process started a chain reaction. Each organization participating had to present another one. But before that we also had to present the leadership mechanism in our own organization. Both of them were quite challenging but we have accomplished it. After it we have realized that most of the things discussed during the morning were applicable. In addition to this the morning workshop helped us to be more efficient and concrete when presenting the leadership mechanism in our organizations. Moreover the last part of the day closed with the presentation “bazaar”. The challenging part was to use fifteen minutes to:

1. Inform another group about our activities & what our organisation is standing for

2. Be informed in another organizations structure & being able to present it

When summarizing the day we all discovered that new methods & good practices to include in our future planning in our NGOs.

Even sheeps with good leaders can run a ship.

Third day

“The day began with some definitions about leadership. Than we realized the leadership is not something about “being sheep”. The training course continued with a creative technique, which we call it Problem Based Learning. At first we(33 people) divided in 5 different groups and each group had got a problem to solve. For example my group friends and me study to find a solution for this question: “Your organization will attend a project in New Zealand but you don’t have enough money for this. What kind of solution can you find?”

My group friends and me found some ideas for this question via brain storming and cooperative working. Than we presented our project to the other people by a drama. Thanks to this activity we all had experience about

* Thinking about questions

*Brain storming about problems

*Consult the people for their ideas

*Share our ideas with the others

*Think out of the box and be creative.”

When the time ended we were kindly invited to go back to the whole group and to say in few words our emotions about the topic and the group working. Everyone was with high mood and has started to think in a more global manner, going deeply inside the organization’s problems. Finally, we have had the reflection groups and like every evening we chose the blob that corresponded mostly to our feeling about the day. The day ended with satisfaction and smile.

Created by: Aidas, Dovile, Ercan, Martynas, Megy

Fourth day

On that beautiful and hot day there was a big task for the group.
All organizations have problems.  We found out that the same problems exist in different countries organisation.
Recourses, participation, involvement, motivation, the lack of big picture in the organisation, leadership questions, time management were the main topics.

What was the task?
Create the tools for solving the problems in original and creative way.
The work was hard, really really hard… participation was in a high level, one group spent all night trying to find the best way to solve the problem, and they found it.
The result was really surprising.
After the presentations the group noticed that these tools are very useful for apply in each organisation.  The tools are really universal and can be used in different organisations and situations.

Creative leadership in practice
After this day problem is not a wall anymore there is always a way to pass it. You can jump over or turn around or dig a tunnel under it. For example, this day we had canoeing and two of the participants overturned their canoe. Everybody around, as creative leaders, suggested many different ideas to put the water out of canoe:
To put it out with your palms or using the oar;
To put the canoe on the two canoes which were helping;
To reach the riverbank.

The third one looked like proper way to solve the problem, so everyone agreed to use it. So this is the method called brainstorming which helps to solve the problems in a creative way.  Lets kiss!
Keep it simple and stupid-KISS !!!!

Created by: Can, Giedrė, Laura, Milda, Virgilio

Fifth day

It is the fifth day of Creative Leadership Mechanism Training Course, it is the fifth day here in Dusetos.

The weather is warm, just like the atmosphere that in these days it was created in whole the group.

The challenger-games we succeed in the first days have given to everyone trust in each other and now we are a great unite group.

Today is possible dividing in little groups to choose some subjects to assist, I am assisting two very interesting tools:

SMART is a visualization-based tool which permits to improve the motivation in your dreams and in your life-targets, and then helps you to organize the time you need to achieve them.

6 THINKING HATS is a powerful tool which helps a group to view a problem from different points of view and to find a more completed solution.

This two tools are for me very precious and helpful for my professional and private life.

We are finishing this unique experience and until now I am very satisfied, so I thank all my “adventure-mates” and of course our trainers Nerijus, Dimitar and George!

Created by: Ana, Fabrizio, Karolis, Rui

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